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At Images Hair Salon, we have helped a wide range of people achieve the look they’ve always wanted. We take great pride in the fact that many of our clients have trusted us with their hair for years.

Images has always striven to give our clients – women, men, and children of all ages – the best haircut in Tampa. Whether you’re thinking of a change or you just want a quick trim, our stylists will take care of you.

Here are timeless hairstyles you will want to consider the next time you visit Images Hair Salon for a fresh, new look.

1. For women:  Layered cut
A layered haircut is a popular and versatile choice for women with medium to long hair. An expert hairstylist can position the layers to flatter any face shape and since this type of cut frames the face well, it will always help bring your face closer to the ideal oval shape. The stylist can also do a specific number of layers to lend a sexier volume to women with fine hair; while those with thick manes can achieve lightness with carefully positioned layers. Layered cuts are also the perfect canvas for hair coloring since the shapes bring out the highlights and shadows more.

2. For men: French crop
The French crop goes well with most face shapes and can make the face look thinner and angular. Another reason why the French crop is a timeless cut for males is its low-maintenance, no-nonsense character – no need to style it with gel and wax, the French crop will look cool and ready for action even if you just jumped straight out of bed. Like other haircuts, you can wear it with a fringe.

3. For women: The “Lob”
A perennial favorite of many celebrities and trendsetters, the “Lob” is a chic haircut that looks flattering on all face shapes and hair types. The name “lob” is a quirky nod to the classic “bob,” a play on words that combines the words “long” and “bob.” Lobs are medium length cuts that fall between the chin and collarbone, creating a perfect look that is neither too short nor too long. Women who sport a lob cut look effortlessly put together but not boring. As long as you have a styling product and a blow dryer, it’s the perfect cut for anyone who wants to switch up their look in a flash!

4. For men: The side parting
The side parting has been a popular cut and style for men since the 1920s, and is a favorite among the dapper crowd. Simple short and back sides are one of the defining elements of this cut, which has proven to be a versatile style, perfect for different occasions and looks, hair types, and face shapes. That said, the side parting requires a bit of styling, but it’s nothing a comb and a styling product can’t fix.

5. For women: Blunt bangs
Blunt bangs have been around for ages, but it was most recently popularized again by Zooey Deschanel. Blunt bangs can either give the wearer an edgy or vintage look, and can be styled many ways. It can also be worn by different shapes.

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