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Images Hair Salon is a trusted Paul Mitchell hair color salon in Tampa. Our team is composed of highly experienced hair color specialists, knowledgeable in the latest color techniques and trends that rock the beauty and fashion industry.

We offer a variety of hair color services and our staff has extensive experience in using different techniques, from the traditional (hand-painting and foiling) to the cutting edge (ombre and balayage).

Our color team at Images Hair Salon can also create custom-made colors that suit your particular style, hair, cut, and personality.

Change your hair, change your life.

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Ombre Hair Color

Ombre is French for “shadow” or “shade.” The gradual blending of hues, ombre has become a household name in the past few years. It’s been one of the hottest hair color trends since 2000, in fact, and has been popularized by everyone from JLo to Drew Barrymore to Beyoncé.

We predict that the style is here to stay – and it’s easy to see why! Done right, ombre hair can literally be life-changing.

One of the reasons why ombre is so popular is that it looks good on both sexes. Jared Leto has been known to rock the look several times as have chic “It girls” Alexa Chung and Lauren Conrad, two of the style’s poster girls.

The ombre style can vary. Some people prefer using more natural colors, transitioning dark hues to lighter tones. More adventurous trendsetters experiment with other colors such as turquoise or lavender. This makes ombre a great hair color option for all ages and styles.

Balayage Hair Color

Another gradient hair coloring style, balayage is similar to ombre and is all about creating natural-looking sun-kissed hair color that complements your skin tone. It’s French for “to sweep,” which refers to the technique that colorists use to create subtler, more natural transitions.

Typically, some dark strands are left at the bottom to create a more natural highlighted finish. Our hair color specialists at Images recommend it for all types of hair, whether long or short, light or dark. Some of the celebrities that have been seen rocking this trend are Jessica Alba, Olivia Palermo, and Mila Kunis.

One of the main reasons why balayage is so popular is that it offers individuals a low-maintenance but bespoke look. Our hair colorists at Images will give you tips and tricks on how to rock the look, and will also help you find the right colors that suit your skin tone beautifully.

Ready to try Ombre or Balayage?

Here are a few tips to bear in mind:

  • Go soft. Gradient hair is all about looking natural and sun-kissed, so, as much as possible, avoid harsh lines. To achieve this look, our hair colorists at Images Hair Salon use a hand-painting technique that will lead to evenly distributed and well-blended colors.
  • Start with your natural hair color. If you’re a beginner, the best way to try out ombre or balayage is to start with your natural hair color and then go one or two shades lighter. Brunettes can go as light a soft medium to light brown or dark blonde, while blondes can go as light as colors can allow.
  • Trust your stylist. All hair colorists at Images Hair Salon Tampa are well-trained and have successfully transformed client looks for years. Don’t forget to consult with your stylist for the most flattering look.

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